Hollywood@Home: Kingsman-The Golden Circle

Less political than the original, the “Kingsman” agents are back.

Less political, but just as unintelligent as the film that went before. “Kingsman-The Golden Circle” is the second in the spy spoof series about an elite privately backed group of British secret agents out to protect the world from those who believe in climate change and the legalization of drugs.

How many people picked up on the fact that the super-villains in both films are nut jobs with politically progressive agendas? In the original “Kingsman,” billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) was out to convince the world that climate change is real. And, in “The Golden Circle”, Poppy Adams is the leader of the world’s largest drug cartel pushing for the worldwide legalization of drugs, including marijuana. The first film even featured the murder of a black U.S. president (presumably President Obama) along with his entire cabinet.

“The Golden Circle” is less politically charged than its predecessor and surprisingly features a new U.S. president who is willing to let millions of recreational drug users die as casualties in the war on drugs. So, it can be argued that he counters the evil intentions of Poppy Adams. Let’s accept that as a balanced approach by the filmmakers and move on.

The real reasons to avoid “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” are not much different from with the first film. It’s loud, illogical and visually taxing, even more so. We are led to believe that Harry Hart (Colin Firth) survived the money shot to the left eye he suffered in the first film. After recovering from severe amnesia, Hart joins his successor, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and agents from the Kingsman’s American counterpart agency, “Statesman.” They do battle with Adams and the cartel’s cartoonishly violent evildoers. The entire story is utterly unbelievable and it lasts for an outrageously long 141 minutes.

Even a farce needs some credibility. Or, at least of set of rules it intends to break. “The Golden Circle” is just one nonsensical scene followed by another. It wears you down. The plot holes are massive pits. And, any charm the original characters might have had is lost in a wave of childish nonsense.

There is talk of a third “Kingsman” film. In this Trumpian world we live in, there are plenty of progressive viewpoints to mock. Maybe the next super-villian can be against public schools or preserving our national park lands. The criminal mastermind could even force Americans to use solar power by spraying the left coast with Alberta tar sands. Grade: D-

Jeff Bridges leads a private American spy agency known as “Statesman” in “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.”