New Blu-ray and DVD Releases: January 17, 2017

That’s the spirit: “Ouija: Origin of Evil.”


You won’t get board with “Ouija: Origin of Evil,” a prequel to the 2014 supernatural thriller that’s even better than what went before. Return with us to 1965 as the Zander family really gets into the spirit of things by bringing the famous game board into their seances. A mother and her two girls learn it’s not a good idea to play in a graveyard or trust a spirit who says it knows you from a earlier life.  “Ouija: Origin of Evil” comes with a feature commentary by writer/director/editor Mike Flanagan. Learn what possessed him to make this film. There are also deleted scenes and three featurettes. Review status: coming soon.


Emily Blunt fares well as “The Girl on the Train.”

The Girl on the Train” occasionally misses her stop, but this mystery-thriller based on the best-selling novel is worth a look. Emily Blount plays a malfunctioning alcoholic who may have seen a murder. Rachel Watson is in such a haze that it’s frustrating for the audience to follow along at times. Still, Blount gives a great performance, and there’s an excellent supporting cast. Extras include deleted and extended scenes, two featurettes and a feature commentary by director Tate Taylor. It’s also available in 4K Ultra HD. Review status: coming soon.




Roger Corman’s Death Race 2050” is yet another entry in this very weak franchise about a cross-country race where casualties count as points. Manu Bennett plays Frankenstein and Malcolm McDowell is the Chairman. Extras include three featurettes. Review status: coming soon.


Other titles out today: Keeping Up With the Joneses, Train to Busan, Zero Days and 12 Monkeys: Season 2.