Movie Review: Non-Stop

Non-Stop 2

They took my daughter.  They took my wife.  Now, they took my plane? Poor Liam Neeson.  He just can’t seem to catch a break.  In “Non-Stop” he plays a U.S. air marshal on a trans-Atlantic flight with a hidden terrorist who threatens to kill one passenger every 20 minutes unless the airline pays him $150 million.  Even in today’s super fast world, wiring that much money in less than 20 minutes from the word “go” is a bit much.

In fact, there’s nothing about this above-average thriller that’s all that realistic.  It’s all silly plotting with some good acting and passable special effects.  Forget about anything making sense.  It doesn’t.

Now, some folks are going to be put out over this nonsense.  Some will buy into it enthusiastically.  I’m somewhere between.

I had the killer positively identified in less than 15 minutes, but, hey, that’s just me.  I’m really good at solving mysteries, and solving them early.  The reasons behind the extortion plot are a different matter.  The writers kept that close to the vest until the end.  And, that’s when you’re sure to say, “really?”  “What?”  “Are you kidding?”

Yeah, really.  It’s lame.  Nevertheless, moviegoers can’t get enough of Liam Neeson, the action star, myself included.  It’s a big career change for the Irish actor, and he’s running with it.

Should you spend the money on a ticket to see “Non-Stop?”  If you’re a Liam Neeson fan, absolutely.  He’s stellar.  He’s in his element.  And, I wouldn’t mind seeing more movies like “Taken” “Taken 2” “The Grey” and “Non-Stop.”  You’ll probably like this film as much as I did.  Grade: B