Hollywood@Home: Scarecrow


Oh, no!  Not another Syfy movie!  Yes, kids.  If “Scarecrow” seems familiar, you probably saw it on TV.  Now, it’s on DVD and can’t say it got any better.

“Scarecrow” has the same cheesy special effects as Syfy’s other movies.  Perhaps, just a notch above.  The creature looks blasé CGI, but some of the scare scenes are actually effective.

The plot is a different matter.  Listen up, folks.  People from near and far gather for the annual Scarecrow Festival in this small town.  That begs the question: Why would people celebrate such a creepy looking mascot?  Well, no time for explanations.  We got people to kill.  And, because it’s a TV movie, the blood spatter is quite limited.

Anyway, Scarecrow is attempting revenge for past wrongs, and there are plenty of pretty young things to kill.  There’s also plenty of running about the local cornfields and people getting dragged off by the frequently unseen boogeyman.

It’s just so much busy work for the actors and filmmakers involved.  The results will have you bored quickly and possibly fast forwarding to see if anyone takes off their clothes.  They don’t.  Grade: D-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 25, 2014

Format: DVD only

Runtime: 86 minutes

Rated: NR

Released by Cinedigm