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Yes, I’ve said it more than once.  “Game of Thrones” is the best show on television now for three years running.  Season Three, featuring the “red wedding,” is perhaps the best-to-date.  And, now, it’s on Blu-ray.

Watching “Game of Thrones” on Blu-ray is a huge deal.  The picture and sound are much sharper than the HBO high-def from my Time Warner cable subscription.  At one point, the sound of a crow screeching from one of my home theater speakers in the back of the room to a speaker in the front just about made me spill my beverage.  The sound design is sharp and the picture couldn’t be any clearer.  It makes the GOT experience all the better.  Superb!

The Blu-ray extras are as good as they were on Season Two, but nothing to crow about.  There’s that word again.  The In-Episode Guide is very helpful because, of course, GOT has more principal characters than any other show on television.  29 characters, if my count is correct.

Histories & Lore is another returning feature, with character descriptions by the actors.  “The Roots of Westeros” is also helpful in explaining the mythology.  “The Rains of Castamere” is the principal new documentary.

Other features include a featurette on the new characters of Season 3 and deleted/extended scenes.  12 audio commentaries are offered, but I was a bit disappointed with the overall quality of the musings.  GOT fans are hungry for insider information and I felt like many of the commentaries were more like a light snack than a king’s feast.

“Game of Thrones: Season 3” is the most challenging and the most rewarding of the seasons so far, and the Blu-ray/DVD combo available now does it justice.  A digital download comes at no extra charge.  Thank goodness it’s compatible with I-Tunes.  Ultraviolet can be such a pain sometimes. Grade: A

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 18, 2014

Formats:  Blu-ray/DVD and DVD

Runtime: 555 minutes

Rated: NR

Released by HBO Home Entertainment