Blu-ray Review: The Prey

The Prey









What an unexpected treat!  “The Prey” is an above-average French-language thriller full of suspense and interesting characters.

Albert Dupontel plays an ordinary bank robber serving a short prison sentence.  He doesn’t say much to his fellow inmates, especially to his cellmate (Stephane Debac).  But, that doesn’t stop Jean-Louis Maurel (Debac) from going after Franck Adrien’s family, once he gets out of prison.  We learn quickly that Maurel is a serial killer who’s also very interested in obtaining Adrien’s stash of cash from that bank robbery.  Adrien is forced to break out of prison to save his wife and child.

Add to the mix, an elite team of French police detectives determined to get Adrien back in custody, unaware of Adrien’s pursuit of Maurel and Maurel’s crimes.  All of this makes for some excellent suspense and impressive action sequences.

Director Eric Valette does a marvelous job taking an unlikely story and transforming it into something that moves at such breakneck speed, there’s no time for the audience to say, “hey, this doesn’t make sense.”  “The Prey” is entertaining, fast-moving and suspenseful.  See it!  Grade: B

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 21, 2014

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 105 minutes

Rated: “R”

Language: French with English subtitles and an English “dubbed”version.

Released by Cohen Media Group

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