Movie Review: Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely









It seems I can’t get into the new wave groove by enjoying “Touchy Feely.” Sure, the performances are fine. But, there’s something missing from this story of a dysfunctional adult family living in Seattle.

Rosemarie DeWitt stars as Abby, a massage therapist who suddenly can’t stand to touch the human body, placing her successful business in jeopardy.  Then, there’s her brother, Paul (Josh Pais), a milquetoast dentist who depends on the company of his grown daughter, Jenny (Ellen Page).  Paul quite unexpectedly develops a healing touch with his patients and soon becomes one of the most sought-after dentist/healers in all of Washington state.  So, while his sister becomes more alienated from her boyfriend, Paul is learning that people really like the way he combines healing with a good x-ray and cleaning.

It’s all very silly, but writer-director Lynn Shelton is serious.  Yikes.  Maybe I can find a healing dentist on Angie’s List.  Doc, I need some bridge work and a good foot massage.  You work both ends, right?

“Touchy Feely” is light entertainment and well-acted.  But, beyond that, pretty shallow.  Grade: C-

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