Movie Review: Delivery Man

Delivery Man









Let me start by saying that I hate Vince Vaughn movies.  Really can’t abide them.  It’s not him, either.  It’s just he has a knack for picking such awful projects.  And, you know, “Delivery Man” is just a tick away from being a typical Vince Vaughn movie.  But, surprisingly, there’s just enough charm in this film about the joys of fatherhood to make it an entertaining exception to my Vince Vaughn rule.

Using the alias Starbuck, David Wozniak (Vaughn) donated his seed to a local sperm bank over a time and then learns many years later he’s the father of 533 children.  And, over 100 of them have sued the institution to learn his identity.  Wozniak is stunned to learn he was so “popular” with prospective mothers and decides to covertly meet with several of his children, not revealing his identity.  He finds himself actually assisting his kids with their complicated lives.  And, guess what?  He’s hooked.  Being a dad becomes important to him.  But, he also must convince his pregnant girlfriend that he’s determined to give up his slacker ways and be a good father to his child-to-be.

“Delivery Man” is well directed by Ken Scott, who actually remade his 2011 comedy called “Starbuck.”  Not too many folks saw that art house film.  So Touchstone Pictures is giving a try at the medium-budget level to see if it clicks with audiences.  It may or may not.  Hard to say at this point.  Does Vaughn still have some drawing power at the box office?  Who knows?  He certainly nails it as Wozniak.  Perhaps he can now give birth to some even better comedies in the future.  Grade: B

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