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What the heck is going on with “Static 3D?” And, will anybody care?  This slowly paced home invasion thriller can only be admired, if at all, through retrospect.  It’s a good idea that’s been done before, at least twice.  But, both of the previous films (not to be named, so as not to give away the surprise ending) were of much higher quality.

A young, successful writer and his wife are grieving over the loss of a child in an apparent drowning accident.  They spend their hours moping about their expensive estate barely talking to each other.  Obviously, there’s plenty of guilt being assigned.  Then, an attractive young woman in a parka (Sara Paxton) arrives seeking refuge from some nasty men wearing gas masks.  She says her car broke down a short ways away and the men seemed to be stalking her.  We don’t see these masked nasties until later, but there’s never any doubt they exist.  It’s what, if anything, does Paxton’s character have to do with the impending home invasion?

Terror ensues.  Or so that’s how it’s supposed to go.  The suspense is never really generated in sufficient quantity.  And, the viewer might even become bored or annoyed until the final act, when some plot twists pop up.  As I said at the top, any appreciation of the film will come after it’s over and you might say, “oh, that’s why that happened.”  I’m not sure the ending is worth the time invested.

“Static 3D” for some unearthly reason was actually shot in 3D in its entirety.  It’s not that I mind watching the film in 3D.  But, ultimately you wonder why the filmmakers even bothered.

“Static 3D” also stars Milo Ventimiglia and Sarah Shahi (from Euless, Texas).  Grade: C-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: October 8, 2013

Formats: 2D and 3D Blu-ray combo pack

Runtime: 90 minutes

Rated:  NR

Released by Cinedigm

Static 3D