Blu-ray Review: Resolution


Low budget and high ambitions.  “Resolution” delivers a better-than-average story of two best friends.  One is addicted to meth.  The other is gravely concerned about his friend’s health.  So much so that he takes his friend prisoner at an abandoned cabin on an Indian reservation.  Cuffed and angry, Chris (Vinny Curran) will have to get off drugs cold turkey.  To Michael (Peter Cilella), it makes perfect sense and he won’t be persuaded to free Chris until he kicks the habit and goes to rehab.  What they both don’t know, some really weird stuff has happened in the area and it’s been going on for years.

“Resolution” is a notch above your average low-budget horror flick.  It has the usual gore and scares and head-scratching events.  But, the story is what locked me in.  I like these characters.  That makes what happens to them more significant.

Filmmakers Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson bear watching.  The horror genre needs some fresh ideas.  And, perhaps these gentlemen can oblige.  Grade: B

Fast Facts:

Street Date: October 8, 2013

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo pack

Runtime: 93 minutes

Rated:  Not rated.

Released by Cinedigm and Tribeca Film

Resolution 2