Movie Review: Carrie (2013)












The biggest question concerning the “Carrie” remake is “why do it again?”  That question isn’t fully answered in the 2013 version of the Stephen King horror novel.

“Carrie” stars Julianne Moore as mommie dearest and Chloe Grace Moretz as the high school teen with telekinetic powers.  Carrie is an ugly duckling outsider who becomes the butt of a very nasty joke involving her first period, and I don’t mean class, either.  Carrie wants nothing more than to be accepted.  She knows her religious zealot of a mom is all wrong about repenting over very innocent facts of life.  Moore’s character deals out plenty of physical and mental abuse.  And, Carrie is conflicted.

Moore’s performance as dear old mom is not as over-the-top as you might think.  It’s bizarre, but reigned in, too.  Moore seasons the role with a smattering of self-doubt and reflection.

Director Kimberly Peirce (SIC) and her cast make the characters smarter than they were in Brian DePalma’s classic version decades ago.  The story also incorporates social media and the bullying issue.  It’s a competent retelling that won’t set the world on fire.  The high school gym is another matter.  Grade: B

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