Movie Review: Pulling Strings

Pulling Strings

A bilingual romantic comedy hopes to bridge the ties with a crossover audience, but has only the charm of the leading man going for it.  “Pulling Strings” is the story of a Mexican mariachi singer who falls in love with an uptight State Department worker at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City.  Jaime Camil plays the crooner who gets his  U.S. visa application quashed by his love-to-be (Laura Ramsey).  Ah, but then she leaves her government laptop at Alejandro’s apartment when she becomes too drunk to get home after meeting Alejandro at a party.  Sound contrived?  You bet.

And, that’s only the beginning.  I dare say, if it EVER happened in a rom-com, you’ll see it here.  One predictable scene after another.

“Pulling Strings” is a heavy-handed but good-natured story lifted by Camil’s performance.  He does his own singing (great voice).  And, no doubt, he sings better than he acts.  But, there’s still enough charm in his performance and better-than-average musical segments to make this movie perhaps worth a look.  Maybe.  On a slow day.

Stockard Channing and Tom Arnold co-star, but add little to the mix except a bit of Yankee seasoning.  The film is in Spanish AND English with subtitles where appropriate.  Grade: C

Pulling Strings 2