Hollywood@Home: Berlin Job (St. George’s Day)

Berlin Job

It’s called “St. George’s Day” overseas.  But, here in the U.S., it’s “Berlin Job,” mainly because most Americans wouldn’t know about St. George’s Day holiday in Britain.

If you like British gangster films, then this may appeal to you.  Frank Harper stars as Micky Mannock, one of the toughest bad guys in London.  He’s ready to get out of the business, but a botched drug deal forces him back in.

Mannock also knows better than to get involved with the Russian mafia, but his associates aren’t as intelligent.  When a drug shipment is lost at sea, it’s up to Mannock and his associate to come up with the cash equivalent.  And, even that may not be enough, because the Russians are just crazy enough to mess them up anyway.

“Berlin Job” is told in the style of other British underworld films like “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”  It’s not nearly as good.  And, the accents are very hard to understand.  Even when I used the English subtitles, whoever did the translating apparently had some difficultly as well.  The word “inaudible” was used quite a bit in the captions.

Every second word, it seems, is an expletive, so be aware of that if coarse language offends you.  There were way too many characters, just like every other British gangster flick.  It’s confusing.  But, by the end, most of them were sorted out to my satisfaction.  And, there’s just enough action to keep it interesting.  It’s just those accents.  Wow, are they hard to understand.  Grade: C+

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