Hollywood@Home: Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Monty Python

It’s the last movie ever made by Britain’s Monty Python comedy troupe.  Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since “Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life,” a themed series of hit-or-miss sketches.  Skits are what they did best, and that’s what this movie is full of, some funny and some not-so-funny, all themed to the question of “Why do we exist?”

Probably the most memorable scene involves a gigantic man who eats too much at a French restaurant.  The staff bends over backwards to accommodate the diner, including providing him a vomit bucket.  He, of course, is constantly barfing, in the most offensive way possible.

“Good afternoon, sir.  And, how are we today?  (Better).  Better? (Better get a bucket.  I’m going to throw up).”  This is classic Monty Python.

There’s also some nonsense called “Find the Fish.”  “I wonder where that fish has gone.  You did love it so.  You looked after it like a son.  And, it went with ever I did go.”

This is not Monty Python at its best, but it’s pretty darn good at times.

And, the 30th anniversary Blu-ray edition is not only the first high-def version, but also includes a new featurette with the surviving cast members.  Graham Chapman passed many years ago.

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The Meaning of Life

The songs are pretty memorable as well, including the finale, “Christmas in Heaven,” done as a big stage song and dance piece.  A sing along version of the film is included.  Even if you have this film on DVD, you’ll want the Blu-ray version.  It’s a weird kind of fun.  Grade: B-