Hollywood@Home: Curse of Chucky

curse 2

On November 9, 1988, a little bit of slasher film history was made with the debut of “Child’s Play.”  Now all these years later, Chucky the Good Guy doll goes direct-to-video with “Curse of Chucky.”

In “Curse,” the murderous doll arrives at the home of a paraplegic and her mother.  The mother dies mysteriously and then the rest of the family shows up for the funeral.  Chucky quickly befriends little Alice because he knows the grown-ups won’t believe her when she starts to talk about Chucky’s potty mouth and other bad habits.

Everyone is convinced that Chucky is just a doll.  So our hero hits the old freeze frame until nobody’s looking, then he starts slicing and dicing.

There’s a reason “Curse of Chucky” didn’t get a theatrical release.  Despite the return of Brad Douriff as the voice of Chucky and writer-director Don Mancini, this installment lacks the humor or thrills of the films that went before.  In fact, it’s so slow getting started that anyone new to the franchise would wonder what the fuss is all about.

Also new this month, all six Chucky films are available in a special Blu-ray edition that I CAN recommend to horror buffs. Plenty of special features and the movies look good in high-definition.  It’s just too bad that “Curse of Chucky” had to be such a dud.