Movie Review: Runner Runner

Runner Runner

Justin Timberlake plays Princeton graduate student Richie Furst who gambles his tuition money online, a very large amount of money.  With the help of his mathematics associates, they run the numbers through the computer and Richie realizes he was cheated.

So, it’s off to Costa Rica to confront Ivan Block, played by Ben Affleck.  Block runs one of the largest online gambling houses in the world.  Furst gets a meeting and tells Block he was ripped off.  Block says his firm doesn’t have to cheat and that the house always wins.  The two men are so impressed with each other that Furst gives up his education plans and stays on as Affleck’s protegé and right-hand man.  Then things start to fall apart.  When a FBI agent coerces Timberlake into betraying Affleck, well this isn’t exactly “Julius Caesar.”

When I think back on “Runner Runner,” the word “tedious” comes to mind.  The plotting is one big thud followed by another.  What begins as a potentially interesting peek into the seedy world of online gambling quickly becomes a bore.  Fold and walk away.    Just another dull thriller.  Grade: C