DVD Review: The Frozen Ground

The Frozen Ground

“The Frozen Ground” may not have had much of a theatrical release, perhaps a couple of theaters in Los Angeles.  But, it does have some better-than-average performances from its two stars.

Based on a true story, Nicholas Cage is an Alaska State Trooper investigating the mysterious disappearances of over a dozen women, most of them prostitutes.  He reopens the cold cases when a young survivor says she was kidnapped by a seedy looking middle-aged man played by John Cusack.  Cage quickly guesses Cusack may be responsible for more than just kidnapping.

The scenes where Cage grills Cusack are the best thing about this very average thriller.  The setting in Alaska is also unusual.  The film suffers from artistic licence.  The sequence of events seems fabricated at best and ludicrous at times.  If you’re gonning to make up stuff about true events, at least make it interesting.  More Cage versus Cusack screentime could have helped.

“The Frozen Ground” wastes two interesting actors with a story that could have used an overhaul.  I give it a grade of C-/

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