Blu-ray Preview: The Croods

the croods

Okay, I didn’t actually see “The Croods.”  I was working.  Yeah, that’s it.  Just because I didn’t see it…doesn’t mean I shouldn’t tell you about.

“The Croods” is a computer-animated comedy film made by Dreamworks and released by 20th Century Fox.  It’s about a stone-age family on the cusp of learning some really neat things like the discovery of fire.

Nicholas Cage is the father, the overprotective type.   The daughter, voiced by Emma Stone, meets an adventurous cave boy, played vocally by Ryan Reynolds.  Eventually, the family is forced to find a new cave, venturing out and encountering numerous hazards along the way.

“The Croods” is rated PG-13 for some scary action.  One version has the Blu-ray, the DVD a digital download and a toy.

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