Hollywood@Home: Let’s Scare Jessica to Death

Let's Scare Jessica

What’s up with Jessica?  Is she nuts or are her friends messing with her?

This 1971 horror film stars Zohra Lampert as a recently released mental patient who seeks some quality rest time in the New England countryside with her husband (Barton Heyman) and a close friend (Kevin O’Connor).  It quickly becomes apparent that this rural community is a bit on the strange side.  Everyone seems to have a neck wound of some kind and then there’s the dead girl who keeps hanging around the old house.  The legend states the gal drowned on her wedding day a few years back.

“Let’s Scare Jessica to Death” is not a bad piece of filmmaking.  Sure, it’s low budget.  But, the film bears more than just an interesting title.  Lampert’s character is intriguingly hard to gauge.  She may be imagining things or the horror could be real.  It might even be a combination of both.  At the very least, it’s a promising exercise in weirdness that will have you hanging until the end. Grade: B-

Fast Facts:

Format: DVD

Runtime: 88 minutes

Rated: PG-13

Released by warnerarchive.com (DVD on demand)