Preview: Boardwalk Empire Season Four

Boardwalk Empire Season 4

Season four of the classic gangster series “Boardwalk Empire” promises more of what it delivered in 2012.  More bullets, less heart.  More blood, less feeling.  That doesn’t mean I won’t be watching.  It’s the second-best show on television, next to “Game of Thrones.”  But, there seems to be less drama these days and more violence.  I preferred a better mix.

Nucky Thompson has gone from an enigma to just a mob boss with a gun.  He’s more ruthless and calculating than he was in the first two seasons and less of a protagonist.  I’m getting to the point where I’m losing a rooting interest in the main characters.  Richard Harrow is still a favorite, but season three should have been his breakout year.  Instead, he just stewed for most of the season and then exploded in the finale.

Season Four will make Harlem one of the new locales.  Chicago, Philadelphia and New York were already characters.  Maybe the producers are spreading themselves a little thin.  “Boardwalk Empire” was always more interesting when it stayed in Atlantic City.  We’ll see.  You can bet I’ll be watching every Sunday night.