Movie Review: Riddick


Riddick is back.  The convicted murderer from “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick” is getting a third chance at machismo on display, and it’s a mediocre effort at best.

Dumped on a sun-scorched planet by his adopted people known as necro-mongers, Riddick (Vin Diesel) is forced to fight the local beasties including some dingo-looking zebra dogs and an alien-like crawfish/scorpion combo creature.  He wins over one of the dingo dogs by raising it from a pup.  But, when he sees that the giant crawfish may be expanding their reach he activates a beacon that will only send bounty hunters his way.  You see, he’s all alone on this big planet.

What troubles me the most about “Riddick” is the protagonist’s out-of-control ego.  The machismo only takes you so far.  It’s a like a guy playing air guitar.  It’s cute for a minute or so.  Then, it gets annoying.  Diesel’s character never really gets scared.  He’s just arrogant.  Morning, noon and night…he’s a horses butt.  That doesn’t make for an interesting story.

When the bounty hunters arrive, they are very much in awe of Riddick’s ability to survive and hunt them down.  It’s like a Riddick fan club convening in the worst of circumstances.  The one guy who doesn’t think Riddick is “all that” is mocked by Riddick and scorned by the others.

No, “Riddick” is a one-note performance by Vin Diesel’s number-one fan, Vin Diesel.  It’s a very long film.  Two hours.  Lots of luck with that.  Grade: D

Riddick 2