DVD Review: Savages Crossing

Savages Crossing 2

For half a second, I liked this movie.  Then, it became clear it was just drivel.  Still, this Australian thriller has a few things going for it.  People stranded by heavy rains at an outback roadhouse and one of them is a crazy killer.  Oh, and not everyone is what they seem.  It was a good beginning for a thriller, but “Savages Crossing” really could have used a good writer.  It was pretty stinky, despite some nice atmosphere.

I really felt the isolation of the setting.  That came through at least.  It’s just the characters were so over the top and the screenplay so sub-par.  Several roles were miscast.  However, some of the casting was spot-on.  This low-budget direct-to-video might be worth a peak.  Or, maybe not.  Grade: C-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: August 20, 2013

Format: DVD only

Runtime: 84 minutes

Rated: NR

Released by MVD Entertainment Group

Savages Crossing