DVD Review: Fear the Forest

Fear the Forest

Someone should take away this guy’s iPhone.  “Fear the Forest” is one of the worst horror movies you could ever expect to see.

Cheaply made, poorly acted and abysmally written, this cheap ripoff of the Sasquatch story will have you wondering how anyone could assemble such a horrible movie.  And, there’s nothing actually wrong with horrible movies as long as they have some camp value.  Nothing camp about this.  “Fear the Forest” is annoying, at best.

People who find themselves in a patch of forest in upstate New York are slaughtered by a seven-foot monster that some believe is Bigfoot.  When the creature is apparently killed by hunters (the body is never recovered), life returns to normal.  Ten years later, it starts to happen again, people being torn to shreds by something in the woods.

When the governor’s daughter and her friends take a camping trip, you can bet that old Sasquatch will be close at hand.

The most awful thing about “Fear the Forest” is the alleged monster, basically a guy in a modified gorilla suit.  The special effects are non-existent.  If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself watching this piece of garbage, consider yourself lucky you didn’t have to sit through the whole thing like I did.  Grade: F

Fast Facts:

Street Date: August 20, 2013

Format: DVD

Runtime: 110 minutes (ugh!)

Rated: NR

Released by MVD Entertainment Group

Fear the Forest 2