Movie Review: Planes


“Planes” is so dull.  A real crash-and-burn by Disney Studios, without the assistance of Pixar.  And, it seems to be a rip-off of Pixar’s “Cars” with many of the same types of animated characters.  What a disappointment.

Dane Cook (channeling Owen Wilson) voices the lead character, a down-to-earth cropduster who dreams of being a rally racer.  His friends are supportive and together they get him ready for the qualifying round.  Dusty Crophopper has some setbacks but you know he’s going to get to the around-the-world rally race.  He competes against the usual international stereotypes, including a pretty nasty one from Mexico.  Someone at Disney sensitivity control should have pulled this character out of the mix.  This is no Antonio Banderas in “Puss n’Boots.”  The Mexican plane with its sombrero-wearing pit crew should have been axed.

Another big problem is the cheap look of the animation and the 3D effects were not impressive.  No reason to see this film in 3D.  And, the overall CGI looks better suited for television.

I can’t imagine adults liking this movie and even kids over 10 will turn their collective noses.  Grade: D-