DVD Review: Orphan Black-Season One

Orphan Black

Definitely one of the more interesting science fiction TV series in quite a while.  “Orphan Black” is not must-see television, but the more time you spend watching it, the more addicted you become.

Tatiana Maslany plays Sarah Manning, a young woman who discovers that she is one of many human clones made as part of a sinister project in the year 1984.  She finds one of her look-alikes quite by accident, shortly before the woman commits suicide by walking in front of a train.  Sarah decides to assume the woman’s identity as a way of making money, but then learns there are others literally just like her all around the world.  And, many of them are pursued by a killer who is also a clone.

Since I don’t want to “repeat” myself or give too much away, let me stop here with the plot description.

So much of “Orphan Black’s” storyline doesn’t make sense.  Why Sarah would assume the identity of a police detective (the woman who jumped) and keep up the ruse is beyond me.  There’s a true credibility problem here.  But, if you can throw logic aside and get past the first couple of episodes, then the series becomes enjoyable.

Certainly Maslany is excellent playing so many characters.  If she ever appears to oversell, it’s more the fault of the screenplay than anything else.  This BBC America series is made in Canada.  The supporting cast varies from average to way above average.  Certainly, Jordan Gavaris as Manning’s foster-brother is superb.  His character is intriguing and familiar.  Yes, I can recommend “Orphan Black.”  Grade: B+


Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 16, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 450 minutes plus bonus material

Rated:  NR (language, violence, some nudity)

Released by BBC Home Entertainment

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