Blu-ray Review: Erased


When ex-CIA operative Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) tries his hand at private security consulting, everything is fine for a few months at least.  He lives in Belgium mending fences with his long-estranged daughter (Liana Liberato) and works at a state-of-the-art private security technology firm.  But, in “Erased,” all of that is out the window when his company and its employees vanish in mere hours.  Logan and his daughter are then targeted for death.  What happened?  Where can they run?  Who can they trust?

Good opening premise and a fine cast, including Olga Kurylenko, but “Erased” is otherwise a story well-travelled.  We’ve seen this kind of thriller dozens, if not hundreds, of times through the decades.  “Three Days of the Condor” starring Robert Redford comes to mind the quickest.  Nothing remotely original about the spy thriller and it lacks the star power and story-telling power of many films that came before.  Eckhart is one of my absolute favorite actors working now, but likeability takes you only so far.

Still, I didn’t protest too loudly as I sat through this sub-par adventure, so if you’re not overly demanding, check it out.  Maybe.  Grade: C-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 16, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 95 minutes

Rated: “R” (violence, etc.)

Released by RaDiUS-TWC/Anchor Bay Entertainment

Erased 2