Hollywood@Home: Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head

On the Blu-ray Combo jacket cover, it says “revenge never gets old.”  Yeah, but Sylvester Stallone did.  Yikes.  Nothing scarier than a ripped senior citizen.  Man, you got to give up the steroids, dude.  It looks weird.  Really.

Stallone is a New Orleans hit man who enjoys his senior discount at IHop.  He teams up with a straight-laced Asian cop from Washington D.C. in this adaptation of a French graphic novel, “Du Plomb Dans La Tete.”  Together these guys go after the man who off’d their mutual acquaintances.  In this rather dull, but violent, story you see them work their way up from the street-level thugs to the seemingly untouchable guy calling the shots.  It’s a plot that looks very familiar.  And, that’s a shame because veteran director Walter Hill (“Last Man Standing”) is directing.  It’s great to him back after many years, but, wow, couldn’t someone hand him a better project?

Stallone, who did a great job in “Rocky” and “CopLand”, phones it in.  Sung Kang as the D.C. cop doesn’t exactly stink, but he’s pretty forgettable in the end.  The film does have plenty of action/violence.  It doesn’t have a memorable plot and Hill doesn’t bring much with him from the good old days.  Grade: C.

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 16, 2013

Format:  Blu-ray/DVD combo pack with Ultraviolet

Runtime: 92 minutes

Rated: “R” (very bloody)

Released by Warner Home Entertainment

Bullet to the Head 2