Movie Review: The Conjuring

The Conjuring

Director James Wan does it again.  First, it was the unexpected hit horror movie, “Insidious.”  Now, “The Conjuring” delivers the same scary bump-in-the-night thrills.

Supposedly based on a true story from 1971, a husband, wife and their five daughters move into an old farmhouse because it’s the best property they could get for the money.  Inside the house, there’s a dark presence that threatens to harm the children, possibly doing them in.

They get help from a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators, who tell the family that it won’t do any good to move out of the house.  Something has latched to their backs and promises to follow them until its evil deeds are done.  There’s a lot more to this excellent, spooky story that will have you gasping at several points.

Just like “Insidious” these are true scares, not cheap ones.  Real scares come because of the overall suspense created by a fine film.  It’s more than just someone jumping out of a cupboard and saying “boo.”  It’s a well made spooker that may remind you of other films that went before (“The Exorcist” “Poltergeist”).  Nevertheless, “The Conjuring” stands on its own feet and will give you the chills.  Grade: B+

The Conjuring 2