Movie Review: Girl Most Likely

Girl Most Likely

Kristen Wiig plays a sad sack playwright wannabe who stages an attempted suicide to try to keep a boyfriend who wants nothing to do with her.  She winds up in the psychiatric ward of a New York City hospital, but is released into the custody of her estranged mom, a former stripper played by Annette Bening.  So, it’s back to New Jersey and her eccentric family for some wacky real life therapy that’s bound to let her mature into the award-winning playwright that she always knew she could be.

“Girl Most Likely” is a poorly written comedy crammed with clichés and lackluster performances.  If you’re expecting “Bridesmaids” style humor, don’t.  Wiig and company are dull and clueless.  Screenwriter Michelle Morgan was thinking sitcom or perhaps Neil Simon as she penned this disaster.  Whatever she was thinking, it must have barfed its way on the page.  Give this comedy a miss.  Grade: D+

Girl Most Likely 2