Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim

Godzilla on steroids.  That’s the best way to describe “Pacific Rim.”  This is the monster movie we’ve always wanted.  But, instead of one giant lizard, we have multiple creatures menacing coastlines on both sides of the Pacific.

The world has also found a way to unite in a giant robot program to fight the Kaiju that emerge from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  Inside these giant robots are two pilots.  They’ve been fused mentally in a process called “drifting,” combining the memories and abilities of both pilots to take the strain off them mentally.  One operates the right side of the robot.  The other the left side.  No one pilot can do it alone.  Team work.

The film opens with the world already deeply emerged in a war against the Kaiju.

Here’s what’s great:  The action is stylish.  The special effects are outstanding.  You might even say they’re “way cool.”  No big stars in the film.  But, it’s filled with capable unknowns that bring a real human quality to the action.  The characters carry lots of emotional baggage, scarring from previous battles.  But, there’s really no time to get bogged down with their feelings.  This is a fast-paced adventure with well-choreographed action sequences.  Quality-wise, it leaves films like “Transformers” in the dust.

And, it’s got a nice sense of humor.  Two scientists in the film are the comic relief while also being necessary to the story.  They contribute to the fun factor.

Some of the dialogue during the more destructive scenes was difficult to pick up.  But, instead of being annoyed, it only makes me want to go back and watch this film again and again.  Grade: A-  It’s the ultimate monster movie.

Pacific Rim 2