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Oh, the silly movies we must endure.  “The Host” is perhaps one of the most brain-dead sci-fi love stories to come along in many years.

This “Twilight Saga” wanna be concerns the successful alien invasion of Earth sometime in the near future.  The invading “souls” take over the bodies of humans forcing out the free will of the human hosts, but retaining their memories.  In other words, genocide.  But, it’s okay because the invaders are really nice guys who know how to cure all illnesses and foster world peace.  Humans were such dorks anyway.

This poorly written story zeroes in on a pocket of surviving humans who live in a desert oasis, deep under some rock formations.  Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) is captured by one of the Seekers (Diane Kruger) and is implanted with a needy soul called “Wanderer.”  But, Melanie has a strong constitution and refuses to let Wanderer suck out her good parts.  Together, the alien and the girl learn to work together, even while being chased by Seeker.  Oh, and Melanie finds her boyfriend in the desert and suddenly it’s a love triangle, sort of.

“The Host” fails cinematically for many reasons.  Logic is the main culprit.  If the surviving humans only want to get away from the invaders and are not fighting them, they why must they be tracked down?  One of the Seekers even brings up this point in the film.  Isn’t kind of dumb to be going after a few survivors who will likely die out in the desert?  Especially, since the humans are not militant and only want to steal food and water.

Other problems with the film include the stone-faced acting.  Everyone including the humans, talks like Robbie the Robot.  The cast frequently looked confused, even stunned.

Finally, the film seems to be building a case for genocide.  Hey, if these aliens aren’t so bad after all, and bring world peace, who cares if the humans are wiped out spiritually?  It’s just the price to be paid.  Only one of the aliens appears hostile (Diane Kruger’s character).  Maybe an invasion of planet Earth isn’t so bad after all.

Terrible writing.  Terrible story.  Terrible acting.  And, funny for all the wrong reasons.  Grade: D-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: July 9, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 125 minutes (ouch)

Rated: PG-13

Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

The Host 2