Movie Review: The Heat

The Heat

A female cop-buddy movie is pretty rare.  So, it’s doubly disappointing that the producers went cheap and stupid on the script.  Sandra Bullock plays her uptight FBI agent from “Miss Congeniality” and Melissa McCarthy is a slovenly Boston cop.  Together, they look to take down a mysterious drug kingpin plaguing Bean town in “The Heat.”

It’s refreshing to give us something new like a big-screen version of “Cagney and Lacey.”  But, when you bombard us with every cop-buddy cliché in the book, are we supposed to roll over and say it’s pure genius?  No, can’t do it.  Everything’s predictable.  Before they even meet each other, they fight over a parking spot in front of the police station.  They fight over the clothes they wear on the job.  They wind up bonding and bust the bad guys, complimenting each other by the end.

Is it fun to see the morbidly obese McCarthy curse like a sailor nonstop for two hours?  No.  If writer Katie Dippold had been a bit more sparing, the verbal fireworks might have been more effective.  Is it fun to see Bullock NOT be able to curse for nearly two hours?  No.  But, we know that by the end she’ll be up to speed and that’s supposed to be hilarious.

No, “The Heat” didn’t miss a single cop-buddy cliché.  All it did was place two women in the roles instead of two men.  Kudos for doing that, but give the women something to work with.  Yuk!  Grade: D

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