DVD Review: Dark Circles

Dark Circles

Geez, I really need a nap now!  Two sleep-deprived parents put their newborn at risk by not getting enough shut-eye.  It seems they are hallucinating about a really disgusting momma who may have off’d her own kid back in the day.  Whatever!

“Dark Circles” has a couple of legitimate scares.  But, this shared bout of insomnia is ultimately too far out to believe.  If this spirit is real and somehow tied to their new house in the country, then why did Penny (Pell James) have a dream about her before ever leaving the big city?  And, who cares?  What they should have done is checked into Motel 6 for a night or two so they could catch a few winks.  They could bill the construction company building new homes next to their house seemingly night and day.  In fact, why does it take such a large construction crew so many weeks to build a home anyway?  It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, the creepy young female ghost is not that scary.  She could take some lessons from “Mama.” As it stands, “Dark Circles” is just another quickie horror flick with a limited payoff.  Grade: D+

Fast Facts:

Street Date: May 21, 2013

Formats: DVD only

Runtime: 86 minutes

Rated: R

Released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Dark Circles 1