Movie Review: Star Trek-Into Darkness

Into Darkness

To boldly go where a “Star Trek” film has gone before.  That’s my main beef with “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”  The first two-thirds of this otherwise excellent film are original and fun.  But, director J.J. Abrams drops the ball in the last act and instead gives us a retread of a past film in the “Star Trek” series.  Don’t worry.  I won’t be giving any spoilers in this review.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” looks magnificent, even in a non-IMAX theater.  At the last-minute, Paramount switched our press/promotional screening to an IMAX wannabe screen, meaning yet another disappointment.  I’ve concluded there’s nothing like the real thing.  But, this review is based on a lesser format.

Still, the 3D effects are superb and the story is way above average through most of the film.  It’s only when you get to the last act that I became down in the dumps.  Originality was tossed out the window and we started to get a series of events previously seen to a great extent in another film.  Why didn’t Abrams take the story in a bold, new direction?  Certainly, the setup of Benedict Cumberbatch as a master terrorist couldn’t have been better.  The BBC’s Sherlock Holmes was perfect casting.  And, the returning cast from the first Abrams film was uniformly excellent until we got to the dismal last act.  Chris Pine started channeling William Shatner. Bad show!

Nothing anyone can say will keep this film from being a success.  I just hope that any future space adventures with the Star Trek crew will be free of faulty plotting.  Grade: C

Star Trek Into Darkness