DVD Review: Cloud Atlas


Talk about bad karma!  Oh, lord.  “Cloud Atlas” is probably 2012’s worst big-budget film.

What was that Robin Williams metaphysics movie about heaven and earth?  That’s what “Cloud Atlas” reminds me of.

“We are all connected.”  Yes, WE GOT THE POINT after only 15 minutes of this nearly 3-hour long turkey.

Tom Hanks and an all-star cast play multiple roles in a sci-fi drama that’s like a half-dozen bad movies all rolled into one.  It takes place at six different points in Earth’s time continuum.  And we learn, ad nauseam , that the actions of one person can have an impact on many others.  I think there was an old “Outer Limits” episode that said the same thing in only 54 minutes.  And, it was a lot more interesting.

So, what are my major complaints?  Too many to name in a single writing.  It’s mainly annoyances.  The dumbspeak created for the post apocalyptic future of Earth reminds me of the Jar Jar Binks babel from the first three episodes of “Star Wars.”

The editing is designed to make critics and geeks freak.  The story whips from one time frame to the next, so that by the time you get to the end…if you understand half of the connections, you will feel like a genius.  Subsequently, you’ll heap praise on the filmmakers, congratulating yourself for figuring some of it out.

If you like this kind of fancy editing and a complicated story, revisit “Inception.”  Christopher Nolan’s film is brilliant.  “Cloud Atlas” is just an over-budgeted soap opera.  Grade: D+

Fast Facts:

Street date: May 14, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray combo and DVD

Runtime: 172 minutes (of your life that you will never get back)

Rated: R

Released by Warner Home Video