Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Iron man 3-2

It’s time to get to know “Iron Man” again.  And, the way he’s played by Robert Downey Junior makes “Iron Man 3” better than the previous film and almost as good as the first.

Tony Stark, as played by Downey, is more than just a rich self-centered inventor. He’s stylishly glib, smart and overwhelmingly cool.  Downey is what makes the movie tick.  Marvel says “Iron Man 4” is happening whether or not Downey signs a new contract.  I say, they better get him.  He’s the reason to go.

Now, here’s what “Iron Man 3” is about.  Stark is still nursing some psychological wounds he suffered while helping save the world in last year’s “The Avengers.”  His relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts is strained by his tendency to bury himself in his work.  Stark has assembled a small army of “Iron Man” robots, all of which, can be controlled simultaneously by his computer, Jarvis.

Meantime, a terrorist called The Mandarin, has frustrated authorities with his ability to bomb civilian targets without leaving physical evidence.  There’s also a storyline running about a 1999 encounter with a disabled scientist played by Guy Pearce.  Aldrich Killian is arrogantly slighted by Stark on the evening of Y2K.

So, the story revolves around these four central characters:  Stark, Pepper, The Mandarin and Killian.  It’s a very well-written story, especially considering these events are all based on comic book characters.

And, of course, you gotta love the special effects.  This is a big-budget fireworks show.  The visual effects are top-notch.  They impress without dominating the film.  If you see it more than once, you’ll be coming back for the story.

Now, I would recommend you see “Iron Man 3” on a large screen like the IMAX format.  I really wasn’t impressed with the 3D effects.  I didn’t learn until after seeing the movie that the film was converted from 2D to 3D.  It didn’t surprise me at all.  So, if you want to spend the extra money on the 3D format, feel free.

Overall, “Iron Man 3” is a great way to begin the summer movie season.  Grade: B+

iron man 3