DVD Review: It’s In the Blood

It's In the Blood

The violent death of a loved one can leave you with tortured memories.  With “It’s In the Blood,” those memories get out of hand as a father and son try to reconcile their feelings by taking a jaunt through the woods.

This direct-to-video horror flick has some good ideas working, but the execution (especially the writing and direction) is weak.

The reigning king of horror, Lance Henrikson, plays a local sheriff.  Sean Elliot is the estranged son who returns home to find his father barely eking out an existence and still grieving over the murder of his daughter.  It’s obvious from the start that the son blames the father for the murder of his sister, but we don’t find out why until the last act.

And, that’s not enough to sustain the drama which mainly takes place as father and son rough it with a hike through an apparently haunted forest.  Are the creatures they meet real?  Or, personal demons?

“It’s In the Blood” could be alternatively titled “It’s In the Budget.”  The limitations of the screenplay are made only worse by the cheap loud and annoying special effects.  Loud, for the sake of being loud, is not better.  Suspense would have been a better path.

Bottom line, the film’s concept had promise.  The results just don’t cut it.  Grade: D

Fast Facts:

Street Date: April 23, 2013

Format: DVD only

Runtime: 81 minutes

Rated:  Not Rated

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

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