DVD Review: A Haunted House

A Haunted House

The first new widely released film of 2013, and perhaps it will be the worst film of the year.  Too early to say?  Well, you haven’t seen “A Haunted House.”

Truly one of the worst horror spoofs of all time, and there have been some hideous failures over the years.  Poorly written, repetitive and offensive on every level without being funny.  Wait, I’m just getting started.

A young couple (Marlan Wayans and Essence Atkins) moves into a beautiful home only to find that it’s possessed by a raunchy demon determined to add some nasty to their sex lives.  Despite the best lame efforts of a priest, a supernatural reality host and a randy psychic, the spirit persists with its tirade of sodomy, ghost sex and scatological pranks.  It’s a non-stop, repetitive and extremely unfunny 90 minutes.  Perhaps the summit of tediousness and moral offense is when Wayan’s character has sex with several stuffed animals.  Hey, it got some laughs in “Ted,” so why not?  Well, for one thing, this scene lasts forever and it’s just gross without being funny.

The film has a few characters that drop in, but an incredible amount of screen time is granted to Wayans and Atkins.  It’s just them arguing about this and that and reacting to some really dumb humor.  The movie should have taken a more scattershot approach and not just satirize one film (“Paranormal Activity”).  This effort was just a lazy attempt to ask for raunchy laughs from two people who were anything but funny.  Grade: F

Fast Facts:

Street Date: April 23, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray combo pack and DVD

Runtime: 87 minutes

Rated: R

Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

A Haunted House 2