DVD Review: Seeds of Destruction (The Terror Beneath)

Seeds of Destruction

Cheesy special effects and a lame script are at the root of the made-for-cable sci-fi adventure about a giant vine that grows and grows and grows.  Where is Jack the farm boy when you need him?

“Seeds of Destruction” stars Adrian Pasdar as a government agent on the trail of a mentally deranged scientist who activates a killer vine that dates back to biblical times.  This vine promises to keep growing until the earth is consumed.  It destroys vehicles, buildings and people who get in its way.

As I mentioned before, the special effects are so cheesy, a six-year-old with a laptop could probably do just as well as the effects “artists” behind this grossly lame fantasy thriller.  The acting, the script, the just about everything associated with this film are overwhelmingly sub-par that I doubt anyone professionally associated with this production will have it listed on their résumé.  It’s best to forget.  And, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t.  Grade: F

The Terror Beneath