DVD Review: Nobody Gets Out Alive

Nobody Gets

Time to get slashing again.  “Nobody Gets Out Alive” is a great title.  But, the horror film fails to deliver.  Why?  Many things.

First, the back story is hideous.  A father loses his daughter to a carload of drunk teenagers who accidentally run her down on their way home in broad daylight.  The girl was playing hopscotch on the highway, with her father nearby chopping wood.  Sounds like he’s a terrible father.

Anyway, the grieving dad disappears and years later has become an urban legend.  People say he lives in the woods and kills teens for a good time.  And, of course, that’s what happens.  Drunk. Not drunk.  Sex. No sex. Whatever.  He will kill you if you trespass in his woods.  I’m sorry, but even Jason’s back story seems like “War and Peace” compared to this.

Other problems along the way.  A low budget means less-than-effective special effects.  Most of the gore is like horror movies from the 1970’s and 80’s.  Not bloody enough for horror fans, that’s for sure.  The suspense is less than zero.  And, the killer looks more pathetic than menacing.  Nobody gets out of this one.  Unless, you give it a miss.  Grade: D

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 26, 2013

Format: DVD

Runtime: 78 minutes

Released by Image Entertainment

Out Alive