Hollywood@Home: Lake Placid-The Final Chapter

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter - 2012

You know, I can’t remember “Lake Placid 2” or “Lake Placid 3,” but here we are with the fourth-and-purportedly last film in the giant crocodile creature features.  I feel like I’ve been eaten alive.

“Lake Placid: The Final Chapter” is a made-for-SyFy-Channel horror film starring Robert Englund (“Nightmare on Elm Street”) and Yancy Butler.  Englund is a poacher hoping to snag one of the giant beasts.  They apparently have grown in size and number since the original film, that was actually quite amusing and scary.

The fourth installment is not that scary and the CGI effects are up to the usual SyFy standards, meaning they’re not that great.  The story is pretty slapdash and the acting is painful to watch at times.

“Lake Placid: The Final Chapter” also borrows from the “Piranha 3D” film with its nubile teenagers and there’s even some nasty man-eating fish in one scene.  Hmmmm!  I guess the filmmakers weren’t trying to be all that original.  It’s a low-budget sequel, after all.

If you set your sights low, then you might be able to stomach “Lake Placid 4,” but it’s definitely time to move on.  Grade: D+

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 19, 2013

Format:  DVD only

Runtime: 86 minutes

Rated: Unrated

Distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter - 2012