DVD Review: Game of Thrones-The Complete Second Season

Game of Thrones-Season 2

Welcome to my world.  “Game of Thrones” is the best show on television and finally season two is on Blu-ray and DVD.

Based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling novels, this elite HBO production provides one thrilling episode after another.  It actually has me terrified to read the books in advance.  Why?  I am so afraid that it will spoil the upcoming seasons of what I hope will become the longest-running show on television.  If there’s any justice, of course.  I can’t get enough of “Game of Thrones.”

Season Two covers so much ground.  All claimants to the throne, false and true, are attempting to make their way to King’s Landing.  The two surviving Baratheon brothers are both determined to stake their respective claims.  The late King Robert’s son, (in name only) already sits on the Iron Throne.  Robb, King in the North, only wants dominion over his father’s lands.  And, Daenerys Targaryen languishes in the desert of a foreign land with three baby dragons, creatures missing from this fantasy landscape for hundreds of years.

Yes, season two is pure magic.  And, now it’s on disc and in the cloud.  HBO Home Entertainment has done a fine job of bringing this well-admired show to collectors.  Here are some of the DVD features:

Documentary-“The Battle of Blackwater Bay” tells the story of how this climatic episode and its amazing war scenes were engineered for the small screen.

“Inner Circle” interview segment-The cast of Season Two discusses their experiences in a roundtable setting.  Informative and fun.

“The Religions of Westeros”-A discussion of how religion is an important factor in this fantasy series.  The old gods, the new gods and the mysterious fire god are discussed by author George R.R. Martin and others.

Character Profiles-HBO lets the actors describe their characters.  This is similar to a feature in the season one DVD.

Audio Commentaries-Cast and crew offer 12 commentaries on season two.  Includes producers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

The Blu-ray version has even more features, including the histories and lore of Westeros and Essos.  It’s a big story.  If you haven’t read the books, like me, then you appreciate some quality time with the mythology.  Don’t worry.  I will be turning the pages soon enough.  Just don’t tell me what happens yet.

Before buying your particular Blu-ray or DVD set, please note there are some features unique to certain retailers.  For example, Target’s version includes an exclusive interview.  But, Best Buy has some exterior packaging that might be desirable if you favor one kingdom over another.  I sure other major retailers also have their respective deals for marketing exclusivity.  Me?  I just love the show.  Bring it on.  Again and again. Grade: A+

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 19, 2013

Formats:  Blu-ray with HBO Select and DVD

Runtime: 542 minutes not counting special features.

Rating:  Not Rated  (But has numerous scenes of sex, violence and language)

Released by HBO Home Entertainment