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Sushi Girl

It’s obvious the writers/director of “Sushi Girl” saw Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” before making their film, because this new revenge thriller bears more than a passing resemblance.  A botched jewelry heist is told in flashbacks as the criminals reassemble to find out what went wrong and to exact revenge.

Noah Hathaway stars as Fish, a gang member who spent six years in prison for the heist.  When Fish is released, he gets a coming-out party from his crime partners, who should be grateful that the ex-con protected their identities.  Instead the dinner, featuring a beautiful naked woman wearing a sushi feast, turns violent.

“Sushi Girl” also stars Tony Todd and Mark Hamill of “Star Wars” fame, almost unrecognizable from his glory days as Luke Skywalker.

There’s nothing wrong with paying homage to a film that went before, if you make it clear that’s what you’re doing.  I never got that vibe with “Sushi Girl.”  The acting was also too over-the-top (save for Todd’s interesting turn as gang boss).

There’s plenty of blood and guts, but to what effect?  The placement of the young naked woman in the middle of this bloodbath was even more puzzling. She lies motionless and mostly emotionless while Fish is being tortured for the loot.  There is a reason for her being there, but that’s never satisfactorily justified in the early going, at least.  Too many things don’t make sense.

You’ll find plenty of special features in both the Blu-ray and DVD versions.  They include a featurette and filmmaker commentaries.  Grade: C

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 19, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray and DVD

Runtime: 99 minutes

Released by Magnolia Home Entertainment


Mark Hamill