Movie Review: Snitch


Don’t yah just hate a snitch?  I know I do.  “Snitch” is a new action-thriller starring Dwayne Johnson as a small business owner trying to get his son out of a potentially deadly situation.

Jason Collins (Rafi Gavron) is caught in a drug sting operation.  Thanks to federal minimum sentencing requirements, Jason could be sent to prison for decades, despite it being his first offense.  His dad, John Matthews (Johnson) meets with the local U.S. attorney (Susan Sarandon) to see if there’s anything he can do to get his son’s sentence reduced.  Because his son refuses to become a snitch, dear old dad says he’ll be the rat.

“Snitch” is allegedly based on true events.  If you believe that, I got a bridge I want to sell you.  A U.S. attorney is NOT authorized to allow an innocent like Jason’s dad to set up his own sting operation.  Can you imagine the liability concerns if something goes wrong? And, because this is Hollywood, you can bet plenty goes wrong.

People get shot.  Cars get damaged.  General mayhem ensues.  The U.S. government would be responsible.  Case closed.  It doesn’t make any difference if Matthews acts independently.  Prosecutors can’t make promises based on illegal actions.

On the positive side, I like Johnson’s character.  He plays the action hero/concerned dad quite well.  Let’s just keep the story believable next time, okay?  Grade: C-