DVD Review: Argo

Argo 2

Nicely done, Ben.  “Argo” is a polished political thriller based on true events that took place during the Iran hostage crisis.

Six Americans managed to escape the U.S. embassy in Tehran as revolutionaries took over the compound in 1979.  Those diplomats took shelter in the private residence of the Canadian ambassador.  They waited and waited and waited as the CIA and U.S. State Department tried to figure out a way to sneak them out of the country.

This is the story of CIA strategist Tony Mendez (Ben
Affleck) and how he devised a fake Hollywood movie production as a tool to get the Americans out of Iran in plain sight.  They would leave the country as Canadians scouting locations for “Argo,” a bogus sci-fi movie in production.

“Argo” is based loosely on the declassified details of the rescue operation, in which the Canadian government played a huge part.  Affleck not only stars in the film.  He produces and directs.  It’s his skill as a director that sets this film apart from most political thrillers.  The film is well-paced, absorbing and believable.  The excellence of the ensemble cast, including Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin, should also be noted.  Time well-spent.  “Argo” shouldn’t be missed.  Grade: A-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: February 19, 2013

Runtime: 120 minutes

Rated: R

Distributed by Warner Home Video