Hollywood@Home: Kill For Me

Kill For Me

What if you crossed “Single White Female” with “Strangers on a Train?”  You’d still have a better movie than “Kill For Me.”

This direct-to-video thriller stars Katie Cassidy as a young woman trying to get past her life with an abusive boyfriend.  When one of her roommates disappears, Amanda (Cassidy) is happy to find another young woman (Tracy Spiridakos) to share the rent.  She also comes from an abusive situation (her father).

Hailey (Spiridakos) seeks to bond with Amanda by offing her ex with an axe to the back of the head.  Ouch!  Then, one good turn deserves another.  Hailey expects Amanda to off dear old daddy.  You know, “criss-cross.”

What’s described as a “riveting roller coaster of suspense and twists” is anything but.  “Kill For Me” rather defies logic at every turn.  When Amanda should be running to the cops, she instead allows Hailey to suck her into a second murder with some of the poorest reasoning a rational person could ever face.  We normally empathize with a heroine who makes poor choices as long as we can suspend disbelief.  But, some of the twists in “Kill For Me” are laughable at best.

“What wouldn’t you do for your roommate?”  Force her to watch “Kill For Me.”  Grade: D

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