DVD Review: Flight


Denzel Washington flies a plane upside. But most of the time he’s high on drugs and alcohol. “Flight” gets you through the door with the promise of thrills and chills. There are a few. But mostly it’s just a crash-and-burn soap opera about substance abuse.
If the producers wanted to play fair with the audience, they could have just started the film without showing the accident. Or, perhaps have waited until the end of the movie to show what happened.
Instead we’ve got a mishmash of a plot with the audience expected to stow its boredom in the overhead compartment. I feel like I was forced to check my luggage.
Okay, so Washington is a great actor. He can take almost any film and make it watchable. Not this time. His character thumbs his nose at logic. He plays the part of the addicted airline pilot with such arrogance that it’s comical.
In fact, the film reeks every time a character played by John Goodman appears. Goodman is the pilot’s pusher and alleged friend. Director Robert Zemeckis gives Goodman his own classic rock walk on music like all of a sudden it’s skit time on Saturday Night Live. Please.
I really hope Washington fails to get an Oscar nomination, because this role just cheapens his performances in “Glory” “Courage Under Fire” and so many other films. What a stinker! Grade:D.