Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies

Okay, zombie fans.  Get ready to throw out the genre’s conventions and take your friends to see “Warm Bodies.”  It’s fun!

This PG-13 film breaks a few rules most zombie flicks have followed since “Night of the Living Dead” many years ago.  But, that’s okay, really it is!

In “Warm Bodies,” the zombie apocalypse has arrived with only a few hundred human survivors who have barricaded themselves behind a giant wall.  Julie (Teresa Palmer) is on a scavenger mission with other survivors to find medical supplies.  When her scouting operation is attacked, one of the nicer-looking young zombies, called R, instantly falls in love and decides to save her from the hoard of menacing brain-eaters.

This rom-zom comedy, based loosely on Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet,” entertaingly proceeds from there.  R (Nicholas Hoult) finds himself changing for the better after meeting Julie.  He can feel his heart beat.  Could he be coming back to life?  Is love the cure for being dead?

“Warm Bodies” is charming, funny and a little gross.  It’s got something for everyone.  It’s not too scary for those inclined to stay away from horror films.  And, it is a welcome change of pace for those burned-out by the recent spate of zombie flicks.

And, yes, there is violence.  Mainly automatic weapons and brain-eating.  Also, some scary CGI monsters nicknamed “boneys.”  The computer-generated effects are very decent.

“Warm Bodies” is a treat.  Hoult (“About a Boy”) does a fabulous job in a role that could make him a star.  We’ll have to see.  Grade: A-

Warm Bodies 2