DVD Review: The Liability

The Liability

A bit of a surprise in the direct-to-video market.  “The Liability” is not the greatest film about British gangsters.  Not by a long shot.  But, it does have its moments, thanks to the excellent Tim Roth.

Yes, I’m a Tim Roth fan.  Can’t help it.  Ever since I saw him in “Reservoir Dogs,” I’ve always looked forward to seeing him in the movies.  In “The Liability” Roth plays a hit man who reluctantly takes on a young partner after the spoiled rich kid wrecks his dad’s expensive car.

Adam (Jack O’Connell) is supposed to serve as Roy’s (Roth) driver.  But, he quickly becomes interested in the contract killing biz.  The interaction between the two has a great deal to do with why I like this film a bit more than most direct-to-video action flicks.

There are some flights from logic along the way.  But, hey it’s only a movie, right?  Overall, you may not regret a rental.  Grade: B-

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 29, 2013

Formats: DVD, Digital Download and Video on Demand

Runtime: 86 minutes

Rated: “R” for violence, language and some sexual content

Released by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Tim Roth