DVD Review: Death Race 3: Inferno

Death Race 3

It may be called “Death Race” but the series isn’t dead yet.  “Death Race 3: Inferno” features Luke Goss as a convict trying to win his freedom by participating in yet another televised car race, this time through South Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

Goss’ character is nicknamed Frankenstein, because of his disfigured face.  In the first film of the current series, it was Jason Statham who played Frankenstein.  In the original low-budget film from the 1970’s, David Carradine did the honors.

There isn’t much originality in this direct-to-video action flick, but I do like Goss’ screen presence.  He channels Statham quite nicely.

“Death Race 3: Inferno” is like a monster truck rally.  People go to see mayhem.  They don’t really care that much about the drivers.  And, people who like the “Death Race” movies are also watching to see the stunts.  They don’t expect a good story.  Thank goodness.  In this case, they won’t get one.  The best thing I can say about the movie is that, thankfully, the talented Joan Allen gave this one a pass.  Grade: D+

Fast Facts:

Street Date: January 22, 2013

Formats: Blu-ray combo, DVD and On Demand

Runtime: Unrated 106 minutes, R-rated 105 minutes

Released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Death Race Inferno